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Financial support is available to eligible applicants in the form of an education grant, travel grant and training allowance. Learn how you can become eligible.

This page is dedicated to helpful tips and resources that relate to the Ontario ECE Grants programs. Simply use the menu or scroll down to access important information that will help you discover the potential behind this great program.

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Program Tips

We will continue to update this list with important, helpful tips that relate to the Ontario ECE Grants programs and its application process.

College Deposits
Applicants must submit proof of payment for the non-refundable deposit requested by the College. If the applicant is not required to pay a deposit a document from the College must be submitted stating this information.
Paying Tuition Balance
Should applicants pay the balance of their tuition fee after they have submitted an application they MUST advise the grant program and submit the additional “proof of payment” document.
Leaving a Detailed Email or Voicemail
When contacting our office by email or when leaving a voicemail, please include your first and last name, as well as your date of birth.
Did you Know That a Complete Application Can Have as Little as Four Documents?
  • Application form
  • Letter from employer
  • Acceptance into a ECE program
  • A copy of your tuition receipt
We Must Know the Site of Your Primary Employment
A reminder that employment letters must indicate which site the applicant primarily works.
Submitting Only One Application
All applicants are to submit one application per semester. Do not submit multiple copies of the same application.
Submitting Proof of Payment
Confirmation of enrolment/registration is NOT considered as proof of payment. When submitting proof of payment, the document must include the following:
  • First and last name
  • Method of payment
  • Amount paid
Use the Online Portal to Submit an Application
You can create an account and submit an application through the online portal. All supporting documents can be added to your online application.
Do Not Send Duplicate Documents
Sending duplicates will delay payment and slow processing time. Payments will be delayed if duplicate documents are sent.
Proof of Payment for Non-Refundable Deposit
Full-time applicants who are required to pay a non-refundable deposit to the College must provide proof of payment when submitting an application. If the college does not require a deposit a document from the college must indicate this information.
General Education Course Eligibility
General Education courses under the Apprenticeship program are eligible under the Early Childhood Educators Qualifications Upgrade program. Since apprenticeship courses are already reduced by the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities we cannot provide funding for those specific courses.
Leave of Absence From Your Employment
If you are a full-time student required to take a leave of absence from your employment to pursue your placement/practicum or to attend class, please submit an updated letter from your employer stating the start and end date of your leave of absence. The Grants Program will evaluate your training allowance at that time as you will be eligible to receive more funding.

Printable Material

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