Supporting Ontario's

Early Childhood Educators

Upgrade & Leadership Programs

The Ontario Early Childhood Educators’ (ECE) Grant program is funded by the Ontario Ministry of Education and the Federal Government’s Early Childhood Workforce Agreement in efforts to reduce the shortage of qualified Early Childhood Educators within the childcare sector and to fund professional development opportunities for Registered Early Childhood Educators (RECE).

Ontario’s Action Plan is committed to increasing the number of RECEs working in licensed childcare as well as investing in their professional development. Our program will help fill this gap while supporting the qualification of ECEs across the province.

Embark on your journey to ECE, where together, we can make a lasting impact on shaping a brighter future for the childcare sector in Ontario.

Ontario ECE Grants

Program Report

Since 2007, we have assigned over 20,580 grants to successful applicants, who have completed one or more of the available 71 child care programs, affiliated to 25 colleges spread across the province of Ontario.

Ontario Colleges
Grants Awarded
Child Care Programs
Years of Operation

Program Types

Financially supporting Early Childhood Educators in Ontario, to obtain their ECE Qualifications Upgrade diploma or Leadership certification. There are 4 academic program types available throughout post-secondary schools across Ontario.

Early Childhood Education
Éducation en Service à L'enfance
Native Early Childhood Education
ECE Leadership Certification

Available Grants

Financial support for ECE Qualification Upgrades are available to eligible applicants in the form of an education granttravel grant, and training allowance. Part-time support is also available through education and travel grants, specific to the ECE Leadership certification.

Limited Funding Available

Applications are processed on a first come, first serve basis, once all documents required to process an application have been received. Funding is based on the number of applications received, and available funding per semester.

There is limited funding available through these programs, and therefore individuals are encouraged to submit their applications as soon as possible.

Education Grants

Education grants are currently available and cover full-time and part-time tuition fees related to a recognized Early Childhood Education diploma or leadership certification.

Travel Grants

Travel grants are available to assist grant recipients with daily commute expenses incurred to attend classes and or complete the placement component of their program.

Training Allowance

Assisting with living expenses and incremental costs incurred while pursuing a ECE diploma. Earn up to $5,000 per semester for full-time, and $300 per course for part-time studies.