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Financial support is available to eligible applicants in the form of an education grant, travel grant, and training allowance. Learn how you can become eligible by clicking the link below.




We are now accepting applications for the Fall 2024 semester from past ECE Grant applicants only. All other applicants, including those for the Leadership Grant program, can apply beginning August 6, 2024.

Ontario ECE Grants

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Since 2007, we have assigned over 26,269 grants to successful applicants, who have completed one or more of the available 71 child care programs, affiliated to 25 colleges spread across the province of Ontario.

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Qualifications Upgrade
Helping individuals in various settings to earn an Early Childhood Education diploma and qualify for the College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE) membership.
Leadership Certification
Fostering professional growth for childcare supervisors and aspiring leaders in early years settings through the ECE Leadership certification, an extension of the Qualifications Upgrade Program.
Tips & Resources
Discover essential tips and resources that relate to the Ontario ECE Grants programs and its application process. Navigate the page to find key insights and to maximize program benefits.
Program History
Since 2007, the program has funded educational advancement in Early Childhood Education, with over 20,000 individuals receiving financial assistance for the Qualifications Upgrade and Leadership programs.
How to Apply
Evaluate each program that is at your disposal, and utilize the provided links to access in-depth information about them and to reach the client portal.
Contact Us
Have a question that relates to an Ontario ECE Grants program? Simply get in touch by using one of the methods found on the contact page. We will be happy to assist.

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