You can still apply for the Ontario ECE Grants Program if your college registration isn’t open

Were you accepted into an approved program? If so, do not wait to be registered in your semester to apply for our grant. Take action by submitting a letter of intent in place of your enrolment information.

An intent of enrollment document is a letter signed and stamped by the college declaring your plan to take courses in the upcoming semester before official registration. It should include details such as tuition fees and course information. This information helps the grant program understand your educational plans and process your application promptly. Please make sure the letter accurately reflects your intended courses and financial needs to avoid delays in receiving the grant.

Ask your college to use our template, or, they can provide a similar letter. Download our intent of enrollment now to ensure you don’t miss out on your grant.

Once our office receives this document, and you have outstanding tuition fees we will automatically apply “sponsorship status” to your file. This means we will pay your tuition directly to the College. Please see the guide for more information about sponsorship and how to submit your application.