Ontario ECE Grants

A Journey to ECE

Hey! It looks like you are on track to begin your journey to ECE. So, let’s get down to business, and tell you a little more about the program.

If your goal is to become a Registered Early Childhood Educator, or to take that next step towards a Leadership certification, apply to our grants program and have your tuition, travel, and even training allowance paid. Want to be reimbursed for your registration and administration fees with the College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE)? We have a program for that too!

Since 2007, we have assigned over 26,269 grants to successful applicants, who have completed one or more of the available 71 child care programs, affiliated to 25 colleges spread across the province of Ontario.

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The Essential

Program Benefits

The ECE Grants program offers financial support through education, travel, and training grants. Be proactive and share the benefits with someone this may be of interest to. Financial assistance may be all they need to further their career.




We are now accepting applications for the Fall 2024 semester from past ECE Grant applicants only. All other applicants, including those for the Leadership Grant program, can apply beginning August 6, 2024.

Full-time & Part-time Studies
Financial support for child care development career advancement with programs that work around you.
Study Online or at a Distance
Take advantage of financial support to solidify your career, all from the comforts of home.
Learn Then Earn More Income
Both programs have the potential to expand your career reach, paving the way to higher paying jobs.
Programs Open to All Ages
It's never too early or late to apply for financial support towards professional development opportunities.
A Variety of Institutions
Choose from 25 colleges spread across Ontario, that offer programs related to Early Childhood Education.
Home-Based Credibility
Benefit from the credibility that comes with being a Registered Early Childhood Educator.

Qualifications Upgrade

Financially supporting individuals studying or working in the field, to obtain an ECE diploma and become eligible to apply for membership with the College of Early Childhood Educators. The education grant is available to cover tuition fees related to study in a recognized Early Childhood Education diploma.

Leadership Certification

Supporting professional development and ongoing quality improvement for child care program supervisors, or those who are aspiring to become one. Leadership education grants are available to cover part-time tuition fees related to courses offered through a recognized Ontario College for Applied Arts and Technology, in an eligible field of study.

Travel Grants

Travel Grants are available to assist students with daily commute expenses incurred while attending classes, first aid training, and/or completing the placement component of their program. This grant may also provide assistance to individuals who are required to live temporarily away from their homes to pursue their studies. Green buttons represent the Qualifications Upgrade, and purple button represent the Leadership certification.

College of ECE Reimbursement

In order to better meet the needs of the childcare and early year’s sectors across Ontario, funds under the ECE Qualifications Upgrade program will be targeted to support previous Ontario ECE Grant recipients whom have graduated from an accredited ECE program as of 2021. Be eligible to receive a one-time reimbursement to cover both the initial registration and administration fees totalling $245.00 with the College of Early Childhood Educators (CECE).

Wall of Graduates

Are you a graduate of the ECE program? We are so very proud of our graduates that we have built an interactive wall of graduates, to raise awareness and credibility for those who have put in the work. Take a minute and register your profile on our wall of graduates website.